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Macro Pulveriser

Macro pulveriser is most effective, versatile and widely used method for crushing, grinding, powdering the material. This unique operates with the rain of swing hammers / beaters which shatter and disintegrate the material and powder.

It has series of rotor plates with spacers in which rotating beaters are placed and rotor is dynamically balance for the smooth running

Rotating beaters are of standard beater, ultra beater, heavy beater & impact beater they are prepare by tungsten process and carbonizing process or combination of this both process depend on the product characteristic

Finish product size depends of the size of openings in the perforated screens, number and size of the beaters/hammers and speed of the rotor

Perforated screen sheet provided at the bottom of the pulverizing chamber will control the size of product this screen replaceable according to our required product mesh.

Useful for Industries

Red chilies (DRY) Powdering , spices, foods, herbs, plant materials, animal feed materials, de-oiled cakes, husks, alum cake, asbestos rock, bones, clays, coal, coke, fiber brick, foundry dand, gypsum, lump lime, chemicals, china clay, iron ore, lime stone & Many other