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The Germ Washing station is a three-stage washing system, 50ยบ bend screen is installed in housing with supporting structure. The overflow of the first stage Germ Separator is fed to the first screen while the washed water goes to the third stage screen, washing the germ..

The washed water moves in the same manner i.e., countercurrent to the first screen washing the germs and the germs are moved down from first stage to the third stage and the germs are washed cleaner and cleaner .

Main features:
  • Effectual washing to recover maximum bonded starch
  • Large front & rear doors for easy access to screen
  • Less time for screen changing
  • Range of feed box
  • Adequate discharge hoppers for overflow & underflow
  • Available in AISI 304 & AISI 316
  • EPDM rubber for doors sealing