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Gravity Screen (Dewatering Screen Bend)

The dewatering screens are used for separation of solids. In corn wet milling industry it is installed before the grinding mills to dewater corn. It has unique feed box which keeps the solids suspended and evenly distribute feed over the screen surface.

It widest application in starch industry is for Fibre Washing System for the removal of the bounded starch from fiber. We have designed a multistage Fibre Washing System which is proficient in removing both coarse as well as fine fibre in a multiple stage counter current washing 120° bend pressure screen. Our fibre washing system is outstanding for supporting the maximum quality of starch yield and fibre recovery. This range of equipment is endowed with all the advanced facilities in order to meet the requirements and the facilities desired by the clients.

Screen sizes Degree
600mm to 3000mm wide 45 and 50
Main features:
  • Trust worthy and low maintenance
  • High flow rate
  • Large front & rear hinged doors for easy access to screen
  • Less time for screen changing
  • Strong housing construction
  • Adequate discharge hoppers for overflow & underflow
  • Available in AISI 304 & AISI 316
  • EPDM rubber for doors sealing